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10 Stories is an art project. We've created artwork based on short stories written by kids.

Tell me more...

The kids were all aged between 8 and 11, and they were asked to write about anything they liked in the universe. We set them one rule and one rule only - that their story should fit into a small white box (which we provided). Otherwise, they were allowed to be as imaginative and creative as they liked. The results were incredible.

Next, we put together a team of artists - some from Brighton (where the children all live) and some from across the UK. We asked them to pick their favourite story and illustrate it in their own style. You can find out more about each contributing artist here.

Finally, we created high quality posters and prints featuring both the handwritten story and the artwork that it inspired. The combined piece is available to buy as a giclée print (255gsm) or digitally printed poster (170gsm) here.

What's in it for the kids?

The kids whose stories were used all received an autographed print of their story and its associated artwork. We hope that this will inspire them to continue creative writing long into adulthood.

In addition, we have promised to donate 20% of our profits to Rocking Horse, a local children's charity. The children who wrote the stories chose Rocking Horse from a shortlist of charities which we provided to them.

Who's responsible for all this?

The 10 Stories project is run by Ekidna Limited. We're a small Brighton-based company and we run various online retail brands including ZooHood. As an existing retail company, we're on hand every weekday to dispatch orders and to deal with any queries you may have.

I have a question about shipping and returns...

Please visit our aptly-named Shipping and Returns page. 

I still want to know more...

Great! In that case, send us an email and we should be able to help.

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