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Greeting Cards Now Available

Posted by Will on

We're pleased to announce that the 10 Stories artworks are now available as greeting cards

Each of the 10 Stories cards features a story handwritten by an 8-11 year old child on the back, and the corresponding illustration by our artists on the front. The two can therefore be laid side-by-side when laid flat.

We've printed 5 of the 10 artworks to begin with, but the full range will be coming soon. They include:

  • How Rainbows Are Created - A story about a farting unicorn named Gary. It has an appropriately surreal illustration
  • The Non-Stop Talking Orange - A tale of friendship starring three pieces of fruit. It comes with a wonderfully colourful illustration
  • Mr Magic - A magical story featuring a crocodile wizard half-prince, who features in the epic illustration
  • The Purple Wizard - A story in which a wizard learns to overcome bullying through the power of friendship. The illustration is packed with new things to find
  • Sophie and the Thing - A story in which Sophie meets the great old "thing" during a trip to the beach. It comes with a beautiful illustration of the beach scene

Check out the full range here:

Mr Magic is Born

Mr Magic is a story by 10 year old Lola, for which artist Rhys Wootton created his fantastic illustration as part of the 10 Stories project. The story features a wizard who can turn himself into a crocodile and, after being teased by his enemy, disappears into a whirl off fire. Rhys created an astonishingly powerful piece of [...]

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We are live!

The stories are written, the artwork is finished, the web site's been activated, and the prints are, well, printed.  And so, it is with great pleasure that, after many months of hard work on the 10 Stories project, we can now finally say that the project is live! For those of you who haven't been following us [...]

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The first piece of art!

The stories have been written. The winners have been chosen. The artists have all received their stories and instructions. Now it's time for the fun part: Receiving the artwork.  It began today, as we received the first piece of artwork from Manic Minotaur, aka illustrator Scott Nellis. Scott has illustrated a story by 10-year-old Bobby, entitled The [...]

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The stories are here, and now it's time for a big decision

A few weeks ago I wrote about my first steps on the journey towards the 10 Stories project. I'd received, and treasured, twenty-nine stories written by children in a local school, and the decision - to whittle these stories down to the magic ten - was already looking tough.Well it just got even tougher. I've just [...]

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The Treasure

Today I discovered treasure.  I drove to a building which I'd passed a thousand times, but never really noticed before. I made my way around the tall security fence to an imposing gate. Following the instructions I'd received the previous day, I pressed a buzzer, gave my name and announced that I had an appointment. After [...]

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