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Greeting Cards Now Available

Posted by Will on

We're pleased to announce that the 10 Stories artworks are now available as greeting cards

Each of the 10 Stories cards features a story handwritten by an 8-11 year old child on the back, and the corresponding illustration by our artists on the front. The two can therefore be laid side-by-side when laid flat.

We've printed 5 of the 10 artworks to begin with, but the full range will be coming soon. They include:

  • How Rainbows Are Created - A story about a farting unicorn named Gary. It has an appropriately surreal illustration
  • The Non-Stop Talking Orange - A tale of friendship starring three pieces of fruit. It comes with a wonderfully colourful illustration
  • Mr Magic - A magical story featuring a crocodile wizard half-prince, who features in the epic illustration
  • The Purple Wizard - A story in which a wizard learns to overcome bullying through the power of friendship. The illustration is packed with new things to find
  • Sophie and the Thing - A story in which Sophie meets the great old "thing" during a trip to the beach. It comes with a beautiful illustration of the beach scene

Check out the full range here: