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Definitely Mary

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As a small child, I would always sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper to characterise the world around me. While growing up I travelled the world drawing upon different countries and cultures as influences. The most profound of these would be from Asia, especially Japanese art with its use of fine lined detail to portray a sense of simplicity, quirkiness and dramatics.

I Graduated from Monash University in Melbourne Australia as a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design, whilst there I discovered the works of Keith Haring, Alphonse Mucha as well as the satirical comic strips of Charles Schultz - subject matter which further helped to develop my unique style.

In 2002 I was a lecturer at Brockenhurst College, teaching Art and Design and Design Technology. The students I taught were a great inspiration to me and collectively understanding life’s changes in society and different cultures has and will always be in part of my work.

My motivation is my family and my mother who battled terminal cancer and unfortunately passed away; the outlet I used was my art. Now I am producing pieces that draw you into a world that masks not only what I see, but also what you see within yourself.

After living in Brighton for 7 years, I moved to Bournemouth which I now have a base in the quirky vintage area of Pokesdown. This is a place where I exhibit and sell my art, as well as my working studio mixed with a splash of gentleman’s vintage (ivy gate).speech marks closing

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