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Manic Minotaur

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Greetings mortal!

I am Manic Minotaur. The labyrinth could hold me no longer and I am here to bring you exciting visual treats.

So please, prepare your eyes and allow them to feast upon lavish illustration and design which has been approved by Zeus himself.

Manic Minotaur was created by University of Brighton illustration graduate Scott Nellis. A lone crusader on a quest to make your eyes happy!

Inspired by music, fun and the Brighton way of life, all Manic Minotaur products are hand-drawn by Scott and coloured using both manual and digital techniques.speech marks closing

Examples of Manic Minotaur's Other Work...

IMAGE 1 Manic Minotaur 2 Manic Minotaur 3 Manic Minotaur 4
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