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Sam Baldwin

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I'm a London based illustrator and screen printer. I mainly use brush and ink to create my work, drawing everything by hand and then using a computer to compose and colour the work. My work mainly focuses on the weird and wonderful, creating stuff that is plucked from my imagination but with a close link to the real world, enabling people to relate to it. I like to make work by taking something from reality and turning it on its head to create something abstract yet familiar.

I also work as a commercial screen printer and I'm head printer at Print Club London. Screen printing plays an important role in my work, with nearly all of it ending in print, making it a real and tangible thing that people can hold and keep. Even though the computer plays just as an important role in my work it's all just about making real stuff that has a real life timeline and won’t get lost on a hard drive as a bunch of 0s and 1s.speech marks closing


Examples of Sam's Other Work...

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